Top 10 Largest Living Birds of the World

Top 10 Large Birds on this Planet: Top ten Birds that are Huge in size.



Ostrich is the largest living bird on Earth. Ostrich could not run with their hefty wings yet they can go for high-speed with their solid lengthy legs. Ostriches lay the biggest/heaviest eggs considering regarding 1.4 kg. Historically Ostrich is an African bird but because of farming, they are likewise located in Australia and The U.S.A. They take in mainly fruit, turf, flowers as well as reptiles like snakes, reptiles when periodically available. Male ostriches are good fathers as they aid to construct nests, incubating the eggs and also take care of the chicks.

2. Southern cassowary

Southern cassowary, likewise known as double-wattled cassowary, is the second biggest bird worldwide. They are incapable to fly like Ostrich. It is primarily located in the exotic jungles of Indonesia, New Guinea, and islands of north Australia. It feeds upon the fruits, insects, as well as animals. The males nurture the eggs and uncommon the chicks alone.

3. Northern cassowary

Additionally known as single-wattled cassowary, is a flightless bird with black tuft. A female is slightly bigger compared to the male, weighing approximately 44 kg, making it the 3rd heaviest bird on the planet. It is located in the islands of Yapen, Batanta, and also Salawati. Fruits and tiny pets include in their key diet.

4. Emu

Emu, close about cassowaries varieties, is a flightless bird native to Australia. This is the national bird of Australia. Emus can rise to a height of 2 m, that makes them 2nd tallest amongst the birds. Emus have 3 sub-species, amongst them, two sub-species (novae hollandite and also woodward) are commonly found in numerous locations in Australia throughout the country. Their primary diet contains fruit, seed, insects, some dead animals like rodent, bird, insects etc.

5. Emperor Penguin

Emperor penguin which rules all various other types with its weight and also size. Emperor penguin weights about 31 kg, majority of which is fat. Body fat behind the skin assists them to endure in the severe wintertime of Antarctica (as much as -65 degree C). An emperor penguin can mature to 1.1 meters. The back section as well as head of Emperor penguin are covered with the black waterproof plume which helps them to capture as much heat as feasible from the sunshine. The front section of its body is covered by white waterproof feather. Neck portion of both male and female emperor has a whitish brilliant yellow plume.

Emperor Penguin lives around 20 years in the wild, however, in an ideal problem they could measure up to HALF A CENTURY. Emperor penguin only lives in Antarctica and it’s surrounding ocean. Body weight and also length places Emperor in the Leading 5 amongst top ten largest birds in the world.

6. Greater rhea

Greater rhea is an additional South American flightless bird. Greater Rhea is bigger and heavier compared to it’s counterpart minimal rhea. Greater rhea is more expanded compared to Darwin’s rhea and can be discovered in Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, and Bolivia. A better rhea can be approximately 1.3 meters tall and as heavy as 40 kg. Typical higher rhea lives about One Decade in the wild. Body as well as building and construction of Greater rhea resemble minimal rhea, the only thing which varies is dimension and also body mass. Greater Rhea is the biggest bird in South America and 6th Largest bird worldwide.

7. Dwarf cassowary

It is the smallest of all cassowary types, mainly discovered in hill woodlands of New Guinea, New Britain, and also Yapen Island. Dwarf cassowary is a singular bird and also couple with a man in the breeding period. They primarily prey on insects, small animals, and also dropped fruits. They are flightless but with their strong legs they add to a speed of 48 km/h.

8. Lesser rhea

Minimal rhea, also known as Darwin’s rhea is a flightless bird mainly discovered in southerly component of South The U.S.A. (Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Perú). Minimal rhea can be as much as 1 meter high and also 28 kg in weight. Minimal rhea has a little head as well as a reasonably big body and neck. Regardless of its inability to fly, it could go for a speed of 60km/hr, supplying it an edge over predators. Sharp claws in its 2 powerful legs help it to fight predator, protect the egg and dig for food. Lower rhea survives on fruit and also grasses. Throughout mating time, male minimal rhea becomes very aggressive to shield its region. Darwin’s rhea rates 8th in top 10 biggest birds in the world listing.

9. Great bustard

Excellent bustard is the heaviest flying bird in the world. One sampling of male bustard weighted 21 kg. A typical male bustard has to do with a meter tall and also has a wingspan of 2.4 meters. Female bustard is smaller sized in measurement than the male equivalent. Bustards are omnivorous and take various food at the different season which helps them to measure up to Ten Years in the wild. In a regulated atmosphere, terrific bustard is known to live up to 15 years. an upper portion as well as tail of this bird are covered by brown & black wing, whereas lower section and also head is covered by a whitish plume. Fantastic bustard is the 9th biggest bird on the planet and also heaviest flying bird.

10. King penguin

King penguin protects the 10th area in the listing of Top 10 Biggest living birds in the world. As the name recommends, it’s the king of all penguins as well as biggest amongst them. King penguin considers about 14 kgs and also can mature to 1 meter tall. King penguin consumes krill, small fish, squid and other small sea animals. The tough climate as well as temperature level of the extreme south forced king penguin to become social. They are greatly social and also assists each other to get warmth throughout an ice storm. King penguin could consistently dive in the sea to a deepness of 100 meters, as well as highest taped king penguin dive was 300 meters. King penguin mainly stays in Antarctic as well as some sub-antarctic island.

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