Top 10 List of Highest Paid Hollywood Actors

Top 10 Highest Paid Hollywood Actors: Top ten Highest Earning Actors in Hollywood.


Robert Downey Jr.

On top of the listing of the leading 10 highest paid stars in Hollywood is Robert Downey Jr. He is the celebrity in the blockbuster franchise “Iron Man”, “Sherlock Holmes” and also Avengers: Age of Ultron. He additionally the star in the yet to be released movie Captain The U.S.A.: Civil War. All these films have actually made a great deal of cash via ticket sales both in The U.S.A. as well as various other components of the globe and also as the lead actor in all of them, he has actually reaped healthy and balanced monetary returns from their success. He is as a result the leading 10 greatest paid actors in Hollywood.

2. Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper is an overall star qualified acting in a cool go-easy manufacturing such as Aloha as well as taking up the lead role in the Honor-winning flick American Sniper. He is not only hot and also good-looking however he additionally has acting abilities to match the best in the business. He was voted “Sexiest Male Active 2011” by the Individuals Magazine. Some the popular movies where he has actually starred consist of Hangover 1,2 & 3, Burnt and Limitless.

3. Vin Diesel

He does not include in a lot of movies but the one flick in which he stars makes big cash through motion picture ticket sales and also online disc acquisitions. He stars as Dominic Toretto in the Quick and also Furious franchise business that has 7 launches now with each launch being way far better than the previous one. In the current launch, Fast and also Furious 7, he made around $47 million making him among the greatest paid stars in Hollywood.

4. Adam Sandler

His movies are amusing and also witty making them actually popular for family members motion picture nights. He started doing comedy in his teen years and also his interest in this art made him one of the most effective comedy stars of our time. Barely a year passes without an Adam Sandler movie striking the cinema. Several of the block buster motion pictures he has actually showcased in include Pixels, Blended as well as You don’t mess with the Zohan.

5. Tom Cruise

I believe we have actually all seen a Tom Cruise movie at some point in our life. This speaks volume of his destination to movie manufacturers. He is the star actor of the renowned Goal Difficult series of manufacturing. He plays the hero in the majority of his movies as well as he readies at it. He was paid $ 40 million alone for the 2015 movie Mission Difficult: Rogue Nation. Other films from which he has actually gained significant bucks consist of Edge of Tomorrow as well as Oblivion. He as a result makes it in the checklist of the Leading 10 highest paid stars in Hollywood.

6. Scarlett Johansson

Charm plays a big role in the film career of any female actor as well as Scarlett Johansson is as pretty as they can get. At 31 years old, she goes to her prime and also all movie manufacturers want her in their movies. She has actually starred in movies such as Lucy, Avengers age of Ultron as well as Captain The U.S.A.

7. Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is China’s greatest export to the Hollywood motion picture industry. His films include Dragon Blade, making near to $120 million in China alone, Drunken Master and Rush Hour. His very easy to go attitude has actually made him a fan preferred and also movie makers are scrambling to have him include in their films. In 2015 he made near $50 million making him one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood.

8. Julia Roberts

This 48 years of age mom of 3 is the leader female actors in Hollywood. She is loved and also loved in equivalent measure by her myriad of fans. She started acting in the early 90s and she has actually never ever looked back. Some of the motion pictures she has starred in include Pretty Lady, My Buddy’s Wedding event as well as the 2010 smash hit Consume Pray Love. She has actually gotten numerous awards during her remarkable acting profession most especially an Oscar honor she won in 1991 in the Best Actress in a leading function category for the movie Pretty Female.

9. Angelina Jolie

She is very. She is sexy. She obtained swag and also she is philanthropic. All these characteristics make Angelina Jolie a darling to flick manufacturers. She has actually starred in block buster movies such as Salt, Mr. and Mrs. Smith as well as Maleficent. She is married to among the best stars of our time in Brad Pitt and also with each other they form one of the most effective Hollywood couples. She has a won a couple of honors most especially the Oscars for her role in the motion picture Woman Interrupted. She is paid handsomely for these functions as well as she as a result takes her place as one of the highest paid stars in Hollywood.

10. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is among the most stunning women in Hollywood. At simply 25 years, she has starred in several of the best movies since the turn of the centuries. Her charming smile and also wonderful figure make her a huge hit amongst the male audiences. A few of the movies she has starred include the 2016 blockbuster X-men Armageddon, the 2015 movie Happiness in addition to the featuring in X-men First-rate in 2010 and also Silver Linings Playbook of 2012. She shot to fame with her starring duty as a mutant turtle Aura in the 2010 X-men flick First Class. She has not recalled ever since as well as she has actually gone to become one of one of the most paid actors in Hollywood.

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