Top 10 Dangerous Computer Viruses Ever Found

Top 10 Dangerous Computer Viruses: Top ten most dangerous viruses found in your PC.


My Doom

This infection was explored its way to the globe of malware on 26th Jan 2004 and share a shake throughout the world due to the fact that it sprayed exponentially with an e-mail with slipshod addresses of senders as well as lines of the subject.


The only trickiest malware of the computer system ever before was noticed on Fourth May in the Philippines. Approx 10% of the internet customers devoted a large error by carrying on the name of this hazardous worm. The dangerous infection performed on a comprehensive human feeling of the intend to be loved as of which it develops into a globally pandemic in just one night.

3. Sobig F

It contaminated host systems by deceiving the customers that the illegal e-mail they acknowledged is the legal source. In case the individual begins the attachment it finds out a safety and security opening in the system letting the prowler share messages through the trapped email address of the individual.

4. Code Red

This harmful infection was for the preliminary time seen by two employees of the eEye Digital Safety and security which time when they saw concerning this infection, those 2 employees were consuming alcohol the Code Red Mountain Dew; to ensure that they offer the name “Code Red.”

5. SQL Slammer

It is a different despiteful program also recognizes as “Sapphire” looked at the opening of the year 2003 in addition to it was the first data less risk that swiftly infected over 75000 vulnerable hosts in simply 10 mins.

6. Melissa

It was the primary mass-mailing worldwide virus for the fresh age of e-mailing that becomes the damaging news all over the globe.

7. CIH

This virus pollutes the executable data of Windows 95 and 98 as well as after doing that it maintains a tenant in the memory of the machine, where it pollutes various other ex-documents.

8. Storm Worm

This was undoubtedly among the extremely best as well as sophisticated fake networks ever developed. It roused the targets right into striking the phony web links in the email which was polluted by the damaging virus that may just collapse any kind of Windows computer.

9. Conficker

This virus is extremely tough to notice without utilizing an improved variation of authentic malware and also anti-virus scanner. It might spread with detachable disks such as mobile phones, hard disks, and various other drives.

10. Nimda

This only takes 22 minutes for this dangerous virus to spread out via 4 different good manners like server vulnerabilities, e-mail, data transfer and shared folders.

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